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Advanced Mission 4:


This is a Mission format that can be played when you have an 'Exclusive' booking, M2D (Midnight to Dawn), at Boot Camp or when their may be no other public players in your mission. Ask your Mission Controller if this format is available for your mission. Can be a team, individual or partners mission.

The Scene

Players have a limited number of lives and attempt to be the last remaining 'Gladiator' by eliminating all of their opponents.

Game Play

The number of lives a player begins with is determined by their skill level.
The higher the level, the fewer starting lives. When zapped, a player is deactivated and a life is lost. When all lives have been exhausted, the player is eliminated from the mission.

Additional lives can be obtained by zapping opponents and by destroying the in-field targets.


  • There are three variations of this mission: Individual, Team or Partners. The variation determines whether there are teams and if so how many. In the Individual and Partners variations all in-field targets are neutral, while in Team variation in-field targets may be 'friendly', 'enemy' or neutral depending on their colour.
  • There are no special abilities available in this mission - players must rely on raw talent to survive!
  • The visible LED on the back of the phaser will begin to flash when the player has 6 or less lives left. The faster the flash - the fewer lives the player has left.
  • The mission will end when the time limit is reached or only 1 player (or team) remains.
  • Warbots are not active.

Skill Levels

The number of lives each player starts with depends on that player's skill level

Level 1 Recruit 30 lives
Level 2 Gunner 27 lives
Level 3 Trooper 23 lives
Level 4 Captain 20 lives
Level 5 Starlord 17 lives
Level 6 Lasermaster 15 lives

(not sure about your skill level? - it is embedded in your Membership card - your skill level gets higher automatically as you get better - check it next time you come into Laserforce Oakleigh (inside Sidetracked))


  • Zap opponent - 100 points + 10x level difference. Gain 0.25 +0.04 x level difference lives.
  • Zap own team member - minus 100 points, 1 life lost
  • Destroy in-field target - 801 points (Individual / Partner) or 1001 (Team)
  • Game time - 12-15 minutes including suit-up, briefing etc.
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