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Advanced Mission 2:


This is a Mission format that can be played when you have an 'Exclusive' booking, M2D (Midnight to Dawn), at Boot Camp or when their may be no other public players in your mission. Ask your Mission Controller if this format is available for your mission.

The scene

Wrongly accused of a crime, one or two fugitives scramble to escape the pursuit of a large group of Federal Marshals intent on their recapture.

Game Play

Each player has a limited number of lives. Each time they are zapped (or 'deactivated') a life is lost. When all lives are lost - the player is eliminated from the mission. The players goal is to eliminate the other team without getting eliminated themselves.

Typically an experienced player is chosen as the Fugitive / Running Man. All other players become Marshals /Hunters. The Fugitive gets first choice of battlesuit and enters the arena prior to the start of the mission (to take up a strategic position). The Marshals / Hunters must wait in the Armoury until the mission starts, but then the must all enter immediately.

Players must actively search out their opponents. If a player fails to do this - their Battlesuit will warn them by saying 'Warning, Time Low'. If they do not find an opponent within another short period (about 12 seconds) their Battlesuit will again warn them by saying 'Warning, Time Critical'. If a further 12 seconds passes without finding an opponent they will be deactivated and a life will be lost.

The number of lives that any player starts with depends on a complex algorithm that takes the skill levels of all Fugitives and Marshals into account. Because of this - even lower level players can be Fugitives / Running Man and still have a chance against 20 Marshals / Hunters. Your Battlesuit will provide you with warnings when lives become low.

Fugitives / Running Men have only 1 special ability - Payback - which costs 10 special points to activate.


  • ABSOLUTELY NO CHASING OF THE FUGITIVE / RUNNING MEN IS PERMITTED! They will have a hard enough time being out-numbered 10 to 1 so they must be permitted to escape when deactivated.
  • The visible LED on the back of the Phaser will begin to flash when the player has 6 or less lives remaining. The faster it flashes, the less lives you have!
  • All in-field targets are 'neutral' and can therefore be 'destroyed' by all players as usual. Warbots are not active.
  • The mission will automatically end when the time limit has expired or one team is eliminated totally.


  • Zap Opponent - 100 points (1 special point)
  • Zap own team member - lose 50 points
  • Destroy in-field Target - 801 points
  • Game time - 10-15 minutes including brief, suit up etc.
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