What is Laserforce?

Laserforce is a live action laser game where players battle it out in a 500 square metre twin level playing arena. Step first into the Briefing Room to discover what your mission is. Next is the armoury where you strap on your Gen6 Laserforce Battlesuit vest and phaser. Then it is off into the arena, dimly lit with fog swirling - you think you are in a Star Wars set!

Watch out for the opposition players and the interactive targets hidden throughout the arena - zap them before they get you! The thumping sound track, spectacular light show and vibrant laser beams all add to making Laserforce a wonderful experience that you will always remember. Play in teams or everyone for themselves.

Up to 40 people can play at once.

Who plays Laserforce. 40% of our customers are over
18 years old.

Laserforce is for the young and the older. Laserforce is extremely popular as a birthday party venue and is equally popular as a great stress relief for staff parties and corporate team building. No matter what the age Laserforce is just great FUN. 

Laserforce laser gun Laserforce and YOU! Laserforce mission control
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